Steve Smith of Keystone United speaking at the Mid-Atlantic Trad Worker meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"You're A German, You're Nothing!" Migrant Filmed Assaulting & Bullying German Teen

Disturbing video censored from YouTube shows a young German teen being bullied and punched in the face by what appears to be a Turkish migrant.

After punching the young German in the face for "annoying" someone, the migrant chastises him,
"what kind of a girl are you?"
"I eat something like you for breakfast."
"Why are you crying? That was a simple slap you peasant," he says as the teen tends to his bleeding nose.
"Every day I'm going to give him a beating so he gets hardened!"
The migrant then gets up in his face and says: "You've never heard of honor."
"You're a German, you're nothing!"
The teen murmurs something in response.
"Shut the f**k up, how dare you talk back to me!"
"Next time I'm going to bloody your eye -- I will stab it out if I feel like it!"
"I don't take something like you seriously -- you're a dog! When I say 'bark' you will bark the next time! Have I made myself clear?"
The German kid submits and says "yes," at which point he's ordered to "bark" and the video cuts off.
Thousands of people have taken part in an anti-migrant rally in the Italian capital, Rome, staged by the far-right Casa Pound group.
"Stop the invasion! This is my home," the crowd chanted as it started its march from a reception place for migrants and refugees at Piazza Vittorio square on Saturday.

The Pope has hailed the election of Sadiq Khan as “Muslim” mayor of London, claimed mass Muslim migration is “necessary” for Europe, and blamed Paris and Brussels for the attacks on European soil.

In an interview with French newspaper  La Croix, Pope Francis strongly implied that the terrorists who attacked Paris and Brussels did so because they “grew up in a ghetto.”
He also applauded the election of Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, stating it “illustrates the need for Europe to rediscover its capacity to integrate,” evoking “Pope Gregory the Great, who negotiated with the people known as barbarians who were subsequently integrated.”
However, the situation of mass Muslim migration that Europe now faces is distinctly different: the “barbarians” (the term referring in this case to Franks, Lombards and Visigoths) were Europeans, and did not follow a religion which historically, violently, conquered dozens of countries and preached supremacy.
Even today, the Muslim country Indonesia is currently committing what has been widely described as a genocide against Christian West Papuans with mass migration, violence and the banning of Papuan nationalism.
Pope Francis also claimed Europe’s declining birth rate is a “grave problem” that makes mass Muslim migration “necessary.” He described this “demographic emptiness” as a result of “a selfish search for well-being.”
The Pope stated that Muslims and Christians need to learn to live peacefully together, citing Lebanon as a good example of this. Though Lebanon is perhaps not the best illustration for the Pontiff to draw upon.
Lebanon was a majority Christian country up until the 1960s.  In the 1970s, after an influx of Muslim refugees, tens of thousands of Christians were ethnically cleansed from the country.
Since 2005 there have been as many as 14 terrorist attacks a year in Lebanon, and the UK government’s travel advice on Lebanon advises against traveling to certain parts of the country as there is a “high threat from terrorism.”
Pope Francis criticised France’s “exaggeration” of the separation of church and state, expressing disapproval of the country’s ban on the niqab in public places. This type of veil has been banned in Muslim-majority countries Azerbaijan and Chad.  Polls show the vast majority of people in Islamic countries, apart from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, widely disapprove of the garment.
Suggesting that the fear of migration in Europe is partly based on a fear of Islam,  Pope Francis was asked whether he felt that such fears are justified. He said he didn’t think that “there is a fear of Islam as such but of [Islamic State] and its war of conquest, which is partly drawn from Islam.”
“It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam. However, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest,” the Pope said.

PS: I spit in the face of the whole adam's race.
For 60 percent of Germans, Islam does not belong in their culture, with only 34 percent of respondents saying that, yes Islam does have a place in Germany, a poll published by Infratest dimap on Thursday shows.
This is a dramatic sharpening of public hostility to the Mohammedan faith since ex-President
Christian Wulff famously stated in 2010 that "Islam is now also a part of Germany".
When Wulff made his remark slightly more Germans agreed than disagreed.
But a poll conducted in August 2014 showed that public opinion was slowly shifting against tolerance.
At that time 52 percent of respondents were against the idea that Islam is a part of Germany, while 44 percent supported it.
As hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers have arrived in the country from the Muslim world over the last 12 months, public anxieties about the cultural impact have grown.
Thursday’s poll confirms this, showing that 52 percent of respondents fear that the refugee crisis will lead to Islam having too much cultural sway in the Federal Republic.
Terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels have also led to a fear that Germany could be the next country in the sights of Islamist fanatics.
The Infratest dimap poll showed that 72 percent of Germans worry that there will be a terror attack in their country, while a quarter of respondents said they don’t believe that will happen.
Meanwhile mass sexual assaults in Cologne and other cities at New Year have led people to question whether Muslim men can adapt to a culture which strives for sexual equality.

Right-wing movements have also become ever more present in recent months. Pegida, an anti-Islamic movement based in Dresden has managed to attract tens of thousands of adherents, while the Alternative for Germany (AfD), a party which wants minarets banned, has had remarkable success in state elections.
The scepticism about Islam is particularly pronounced among AfD voters, and those who favour the Free Democratic Party (FDP), a small traditionally liberal party.
While over two thirds (76 percent) of FDP voters agree that Islam doesn’t belong in Germany, AfD voters almost unanimously agreed with the statement.
Adolf Hitler's rabid antisemitism and virulent nationalism were not directly prompted by his experiences on the western front in the first world war, historical research suggests.
Unpublished letters and a diary written by veterans of Hitler's wartime regiment are among newly unearthed documents that challenge previous notions about how the conflict shaped the future dictator's views.

The documents overturn Hitler's subsequent portrayal of his unit, the List regiment, as united in its intolerance and antisemitism, with Hitler "a hero at its heart". They challenge long-held views on Hitler's supposedly brave war record, revealing that frontline soldiers shunned him as a "rear area pig" based several miles from danger. The papers also disclose that List men saw Hitler as an object of ridicule, joking about him starving in a canned food factory, unable to open a tin with a bayonet. He was viewed by his comrades in regimental HQ as a loner, neither popular nor unpopular.

They noticed that he did not indulge in their favourite pastimes – letter-writing or drinking – but was instead often seen reading a political book or painting, earning him the sobriquet the "painter" or the "artist". He was also viewed as particularly submissive to his superiors.

Perhaps no other individual has been more scrutinised than Hitler, but research on the List regiment by Dr Thomas Weber, lecturer in modern history at Aberdeen University, has unearthed new evidence.


Within the Bavarian War Archives, Weber discovered papers undisturbed for almost nine decades. Elsewhere, he found unpublished letters and Nazi party membership files, and traced Jewish veterans of the List.

Hitler served as a runner but, armed with new evidence, Weber realised that historians had not distinguished between regimental runners, a relatively safe job, and battalion or company runners, who had to brave machine-gun fire between trenches. Hitler was the former, a runner at regimental HQ, several miles from the front, and living in relative comfort.


Weber concludes that Hitler, who worked for a leftist government after the war, became violently nationalist and antisemitic after Germany's postwar and post-revolutionary economic and political crisis.

His research will be published next month in Hitler's First War, by Oxford University Press.

BERLIN (AP) — Germany's federal government expects to spend 93.6 billion euros ($106.2 billion) to support refugees over the next five years, weekly Der Spiegel reported Saturday.
The Hamburg-based magazine cited a finance ministry document that predicted the annual costs would rise from about 16.1 billion euros ($18.2 billion) this year to 20.4 billion in 2020.
Much of the money would go toward basic benefits, housing support and language lessons for asylum-seekers, but the overall amount also includes spending on efforts to fight the reasons why people flee their home countries and seek refuge in Germany.
Finance ministry spokesman Juerg Weissgerber declined to comment on the figures but confirmed that federal officials were in discussion with representatives from Germany's 16 states about the cost of supporting refugees. They are aiming to reach an agreement on sharing the cost by the time Chancellor Angela Merkel meets state leaders on May 31.
Heavy government spending on refugees has boosted Germany's economy in recent months, but has also stoked resentment among some Germans who believe that migrants are getting preferential treatment. A nationalist party, Alternative for Germany, has surged in recent polls and the number of attacks against refugee shelters has increased sharply over the past year.
Almost 1.1 million asylum-seekers entered Germany last year, although the government has stressed that the figure doesn't account for those who move on to other countries or return home.
The finance ministry document cited by Der Spiegel predicts that 600,000 refugees will come to Germany this year, falling to 400,000 in 2017 and 300,000 in the following years. It assumes that over half of those who are officially recognized as refugees will find work within five years.
Thanks to low unemployment and strong exports, Germany recorded a budget surplus of 12.1 billion euros last year on federal spending of 299.3 billion euros.
Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has stuck to his policy of balancing the country's budget despite the cost of dealing with the influx of migrants. Schaeuble said last week that Germany should be "able to manage the current major challenges without new debt."
The mother of the child “opened her heart” and home to two refugees last summer. Now this. reported, via Religion of Peace:
An Eritrean migrant in Sweden, posing as a “child refugee”, has been found guilty of molesting a 10-year-old girl after her family agreed to house him.
He was given just ten hours’ therapy and a fine, and will be allowed to stay in the country.
It was also reported today that another migrant in Sweden, a 42-year-old Syrian, had abused his position as a child minder and sexually assaulted a 4-year-old in his care.
The mother of the first victim, from Skåne Höör in southern Sweden, had “opened her heart” to two “child refugees” last summer, and brought them into her home alongside her two adult children and the 10-year-old.
One of the migrants, known as Isaac according to Avpixlat, did not reciprocate the kindness.
It was explained in court that the trusting mother had allowed him and the 10-year-old to spend plenty of time together, alone. One evening in the living room, after making and sharing photos on their smartphones, the girl fell asleep.
When she awoke, the migrant was pulling up her shirt and “fondling her breasts” over her bra. He immediately “jumped off” and left the room, the girl recalled.
'No Muslims on German Soil': Thousands of right-wing extremists rally outside Berlin train station against city's influx of refugees

About 1,000 right-wing extremists have rallied outside Berlin's train station

They were protesting against Merkel's welcoming stance towards refugees

There were several counter-protests being held in support of her policies

About 1,000 right-wing extremists have rallied outside Berlin's main train station, protesting against Chancellor Angela Merkel's welcoming stance to refugees.

Demonstrators held signs with slogans like 'No Islam on German Soil' and 'Merkel Must Go,' while waving German flags at the rally on Saturday afternoon in the capital.
Orthodox Judaism has never been exposed to such scrutiny. From a Melbourne courtroom, the torment of the Chabad rabbis was streamed live to the world as the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse probed the city’s secretive and powerful Yeshivah community.
Sharp divisions in the Jewish world have been exposed. Two rabbis, including one of the nation’s most prominent, have been forced from their posts. Whistleblowers, humiliated and ostracised for years by Yeshivah, have been dramatically vindicated. More victims have come forward. More criminal charges may follow. Yeshivah schools face a nightmare of civil litigation.
The cast is Jewish, yet the bones of this story are familiar to anyone who has followed the scandal of child abuse in Christian schools and parishes. Rabbis and bishops have shown over the years much the same failings when faced with a choice between guarding the prestige of their faiths and the safety of children. This story is about the dangers in any cult of blind obedience to holy men.
Rabbi Yitzchok Groner died just in time. He was a dominating figure in Melbourne’s Jewish world, a mountain of a man with inexhaustible energy, deep religious learning and a stare that stopped grown men in their tracks.
As the Melbourne emissary of the Chabad-Lubavitch leader Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Groner’s authority was absolute. He spent 50 years building the Yeshivah sect into a wealthy, powerful and very private community of several hundred families living around a busy synagogue and thriving schools at a campus on Hotham Street, East St Kilda.
Yeshivah is ultra Orthodox: fundamentalist, intellectual and charismatic. God created the world in six days. Families are big. Sex is never discussed. Modesty is everything. Men and women mark their days with prayer and ritual. Instead of dying in the face of the modern world, old-fashioned, rule-bound Chabad-Lubavitch Judaism flourished.
Groner died in the winter of 2008, but his power didn’t die with him. To question his authority – indeed his saintliness – after his death, was considered a particularly grave sin among the Chabad. Protecting his memory were the rabbis he had trained and sent out into the wider Jewish world, and the interlocking mesh of Chabad families that seemed to make everyone at Yeshivah the son-in-law, nephew or sister of everyone else.
A couple of months after Groner’s death, news broke that David Kramer had been sentenced to seven years in prison in St Louis, Missouri, for molesting children at a youth camp where he was supposed to be teaching “Hot topics for Jewish teens”. The story died in Australia for the time being, but from this point, a number of Chabad leaders, teachers and parents knew an appalling scandal threatened Yeshivah.
Kramer had taught at the Yeshivah primary school in late 1989. The young American rabbi was immediately popular and immediately began molesting children. The number of his victims is not known, perhaps dozens, including two of the sons of Zephaniah Waks.
Waks was a most unwise man to cross. The Waks name is all through this story. Tenacity runs in the family. Half measures aren’t in their DNA. Their sense of right and wrong is strong and personal. As the father of 17 children, Zephaniah Waks had more than proved his dedication to Chabad. But in the end those children would mean more to him than any obligations to the sect.
Waks discovered the abuse in 1992. He says he complained to the principal of the Yeshivah school, Rabbi Abraham Glick. Within hours, Waks learned that Kramer had admitted the abuse. When he wasn’t fired, Waks says, he confronted Glick again, only to be told: “There is a danger of self-harm. So we can’t fire him.”
Glick doesn’t deny learning about Kramer at this point, but can’t recall discussing the teacher’s fate with Waks. He told the royal commission: “I think he had that conversation or a similar conversation most probably with someone else.”



On Saturday, April 30th, the Traditionalist Worker Party’s Mid-Atlantic chapter had its first official meeting in Northeast Philadelphia, and I am happy to report to you all that it was a resounding success.

In attendance were a wide array of folks from all over the Mid-Atlantic’s cities, suburbs, and quaint rural pockets, as well as other parts of the country. We were even lucky to have a fellow nationalist from Australia who happened to be staying not so far away and took the time to grace us with his presence. And, as always, our ever loyal friends and comrades in Keystone United came out to show their support.

Party aims for the Spring and Summer seasons were heavily touched upon, naturally, but the main focus was something we can all participate in – street activism and community organizing. I made it a point to stress these two very imperative actions in my speech because I wanted the white working-class of this historic region, their historic region, to know that they are not alone in their collective exhaustion and that they can participate in leading by example to secure an atmosphere where their traditions, morals, and family values are staunchly upheld. That is why one of our primary goals for this season is to form street teams to go out into the working-class communities where we were born and bred and allow our people to get to know us. Distributing leaflets, pamphlets, and fliers is on the agenda, but it is not enough. We cannot run our candidates in upcoming local races without the genuine backing of our people.

Compounding these points of neighborhood-level activism and participation was my good friend of The Barnes Review and The Orthodox Nationalist podcast, Dr. Matthew Rafael Johnson, whose fantastic speech touched on where we, as a people, and a nation, are headed in this era and what we can do to become directly involved in our communities. In illustrating this, Dr. Johnson drew on some of his own personal experiences as well, namely, his recollection of the fall of the former Soviet Union and how it shaped his worldview.

Our good friend Steve Smith was also invited to briefly speak about his recent reelection win for Luzerne County Committeeman, which we were all very excited to hear! Steve serves as an outstanding example of what it means to get actively involved in our communities and take them back for ourselves, for we, ourselves, are the only ones who have any real power to do this. We cannot expect the usual corrupt scoundrels who have sold us down the river time and time again to do it for us.

This Spring and Summer, we invite and encourage everyone to get involved and help us restore within our communities the tenets of faith, the true meaning of family, and the historic values of our folk

We are here for you, we are growing, and we are here to stay. Join us today!

By:Paddy Tarleton


A Flemish priest in Kortemark made controversial remarks about the prophet Mohammed and Islam in a religious celebration in front of pupils in the sixth year of primary school. Although the parents say they are shocked, Germain Dochy (77) does not see the problem. "Don't I have the right to tell the truth any more," he asks. 
While pupils from the municipal school "De Kreke", aged between 11 and 12, were repeating for the last time for their confirmation of the Confirmation, the priest spoke his mind about Islam and its prophet Mohammed. "Mohammed was a thief, a murderer and a rapist. He had 45 wives, the youngest of whom was 9. And in reality, Islam isn't a religion," he said. 
The parents, told about it by their children, and the school say they are shocked by these remarks. The teacher who overheard the words shared her indignation with the management of the institution. 
Active for 52 years as a priest, Dochy does not withdraw anything of what he said. "I told the children that Mohammed wasn't a prophet. For Islam maybe, but not for us," he added in the "Krant van West-Vlaanderen". "Mohammed led a life of debauchery and made several wars. ... And then there is Islam, which acts like a religion but in reality is an anti-religion." he went on. 
The Bruges diocese is aware of the affair and has contacted the priest. "Dochy told us that he regretted his remarks and that he apologised if he had offended anyone," said the spokesman.
LONDON (Reuters) - Sadiq Khan of opposition Labour Party is the strong favourite to win London's mayoral election on Thursday after a contest marked by religious tensions and accusations of racism.
Polls show Khan, the son of a bus driver, is as much as 20 percentage points ahead of rival Conservative Zac Goldsmith in the race to run one of the world's top financial centres. If he wins, he will succeed current Conservative mayor Boris Johnson to become the first Muslim to head a major Western capital.
London's population of 8.6 million is among the most diverse in the world and it is rare for identity politics to enter British campaigning.
But Goldsmith, with the support of Prime Minister David Cameron, has for weeks focused on Khan's faith and past appearances alongside radical Muslim speakers, accusing him of giving "platform, oxygen and cover" to extremists.
Former human rights lawyer Khan says he has fought extremism all his life and regrets sharing a stage with speakers who held "abhorrent" views.
He has accused Goldsmith, the elite-educated son of a billionaire financier, of using Donald Trump-style tactics to divide Londoners along faith lines, as well as being part of an out-of-touch wealthy elite.
"There's a chance that there are people who are almost subconsciously put off (voting for Khan) by the dog-whistle racism ... people who wouldn't like to say 'I'm not going to vote for Sadiq Khan', but will have a wobble at the ballot box," said Anthony Wells, director of political and social opinion polling at YouGov.
The impact was unlikely to be enough to allow Goldsmith to pull off a surprise victory, he said.
"The only effect of the Zac Goldsmith campaigning is probably just to entrench all those long-standing issues the Conservative Party have got with appealing to ethnic minority voters," he said.
Last week the campaigning took a new twist as Kahn's party was accused of failing to stamp out anti-Semitism in its ranks amid a row over comments by another lawmaker on her Facebook account saying that Israel should be moved to the United States.
Khan condemned the comment and distanced himself from former London mayor Ken Livingstone, who on Thursday was suspended from the Labour party for supporting the party member at the centre of the controversy.
He said on Sunday the anti-Semitism row, fuelled by comments made by Livingstone linking Hitler with Zionism, could hit his chances in the election.
"I accept that the comments that Ken Livingstone has made makes it more difficult for Londoners of Jewish faith to feel that the Labour Party is a place for them, and so I will carry on doing what I have always been doing, which is to speak for everyone," he told The Observer newspaper.
The left wing of the party -- and notably its current leader Jeremy Corbyn -- have long been sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and it is not the first time Labour has faced accusations that this had led to actual anti-Semitism.
Corbyn is likely to face new questions over his future if the party does poorly in the election.
The two mayoral hopefuls also have opposing stances on whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union. Goldsmith wants to leave, Khan wants to stay.
But even with a June 23 referendum on that issue looming, and the question over London's role as a global financial centre that a vote to leave would pose, the Brexit issue has barely featured in the campaign.
Both candidates have been eager not to alienate voters who disagree with them on Brexit, saying they will fight for the capital's interests whichever way the country votes.
Otherwise, their policies for the city are largely similar - more affordable housing, more transport investment and better local policing.
It is the political influence that comes with the post, the second-largest direct electoral mandate of any politician in Europe, that is perhaps most at stake.
"The soft power of the role is very important," said Tony Travers a professor at the London School of Economics. "The mandate of a city as big as London gives the mayor a voice and authority which goes well beyond that formal mandate."

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Humza Yousaf-white-genocide
Humza Yousaf, the Scottish government Minister for Europe and International Development, has written about White genocide on Twitter.
This was in response to a Tweet he received from someone who criticized the Scottish National Party, a left-wing party which wants Scotland to be separated from the UK, but also wants more non-European immigration.
While Yousaf and those who took his side made fun of being accused of White genocide, at least they are breaking the silence on this “diversity for White areas only” agenda.
In the words of Oscar Wilde, “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
Volkswagen Golf with Jüw Brner novelty plate, Image: Supplied by Ed Covert via Facebook
Last week, we pondered a semi-subtle Nazi-themed decal applied to the rear window of a Volkswagen CC (that obviously blocked the driver’s rearview of history). After we posted that piece, another reader supplied the image above, which shows a Volkswagen GTI sporting a novelty plate that directly links the Führer’s People’s Car with the Nazi execution of nearly 6 million Jews.
Are Volkswagen fanboys the most likely car enthusiast group to show full-on anti-Semitism?

The display of racist imagery isn’t limited to just Volkswagen, or just the Nazis. One only needs to look to (predominately) rural America and Canada (we see it lots here) to find many Confederate flags affixed to pickups and the like. The racism attached to the Confederate flag is usually thinly veiled with explanations of “Dukes of Hazzard” fandom or having a relative who fought for the South in the American Civil War.
Just last year, a group protested Kid Rock’s use of the Confederate flag at concerts and called on General Motors to stop sponsoring his tour. Even pro-golfer Bubba Watson got caught up in the fervour surrounding the Confederate flag when he promised to paint over the imagery on his authentic General Lee Charger.
Debate continues over the Confederate flag’s appearance on state-issued license plates. Maryland phased out license plates featuring the Confederate flag after a federal ruling on the matter, which followed Texas and Virginia. Georgia, however, continues to sell Confederate-themed license plates — the proceeds of which partially fund the Sons of Confederate Veterans — after sales of that plate were temporarily suspended.
Yet, no such thin veil is used for this Volkswagen novelty plate. And though Daimler made some impressive machines for Hitler during Nazi rule in Germany, we’ve yet to see a C-Class festooned with swastikas.

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by Axl Hess

For those that subscribe to The White Worker you would know that the American Nazi Party online radio show would be returning this Spring, and it is!  Our upcoming show will take place on Monday, May 16 at the usual time of 5pm PST/8pm EST.  Please join us in the call or in the live chat room while we discuss our outreach efforts and projects that we’ve been working on and will be pursuing in the immediate future.  As usual, we’ll also be welcoming any questions about our Political agenda or National-Socialism in general.

Here’s the link:

Until May 16th, please listen to some of the past shows and realize that on that link are many “blank” shows where TalkShoe’s poor software automatically created episodes that were never scheduled.


Steven Smith — A Luzerne County Republican committeeman who describes himself as a “white rights advocate” won another term in Tuesday’s primary election and also said he voted for Donald Trump for president. Smith, a Pittston resident who insists he’s not a racist or white supremacist, said Trump “put immigration into the forefront of his candidacy” when explaining his vote for Trump.


A Luzerne County Republican committeeman who describes himself as a “white rights advocate” won another term in Tuesday’s primary election and also said he voted for Donald Trump for president.

Steven Smith, a Pittston resident who insists he’s not a racist or white supremacist, said Trump “put immigration into the forefront of his candidacy” when explaining his vote for Trump.

Smith was the only candidate on the ballot for two Republican committeeman positions in Pittston’s first ward. Smith got 70 votes, and there were four write-in votes, according to unofficial election results on the county website.

The Luzerne County Republican Committee engages in political activities and is not a public or government agency. Committee Chairman Bill Urbanski said the party can’t stop Smith from being a committeeman.

“There’s no mechanism for that,” Urbanski said. “That’s how it goes.”

The party elects two committee members from each of Luzerne County’s 180 voting precincts. Only 67 candidates were on Tuesday’s ballot for those positions.

Smith was elected as a committeeman four years ago with one write-in vote. Smith said he was appointed as secretary for the committee’s third district and is responsible for meeting minutes.

The term for an elected Republican committee member is four years.

Urbanski said Smith has no influence in the party.

“I don’t agree with 95 percent of what the guy stands for,” Urbanski said. “He should be registered with the American Nazi Party.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization, noted Smith’s election as Republican committeeman in a news release.

“With Trump winning by such a large margin in Luzerne County, unfortunately it is not surprising that Steve Smith, somebody with a long history of violence and activity with well-known racist and neo-Nazi groups, won the local Republican committee seat,” SPLC’s Intelligence Project Director Heidi Beirich said in a statement.

Trump won Pennsylvania’s Republican primary with 57 percent of the vote statewide. He won 77 percent of the vote in Luzerne County, Trump’s best showing in any county in the state.

Smith, 45, is a truck driver, according to election records. He is founder of the European American Action Coalition. The organization “fights for the interests of Whites,” its website says.

“We believe in grassroots activity that includes getting involved in the local political process,” the website says. “We currently have one openly pro-White elected Republican Party Committeeman in our ranks and it is our goal to have many more elected officials in the future.”

Smith said he attended Trump’s campaign rally Monday night in Wilkes-Barre Township. About 10,000 people were inside the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza for the event.

“It was quite the spectacle,” Smith said. “It was like going to a rock concert. That place was packed.”

In Smith’s precinct in Pittston, 149 Republicans voted Tuesday, and 120 voted for Trump, records show.

“There are flaws with Trump,” Smith said. “But the fact that he’s a self-made millionaire not controlled by establishment, it makes him resonate with people.”

In 2003, Smith pleaded guilty to ethnic intimidation and simple assault, both misdemeanors, and received a prison sentence of one to 12 months, court records show. During an interview in 2012, Smith said he spent two months in prison.

“The Cultural Marxists like to bring up my arrest on March 23, 2003, as an attempt to try to discredit me,” Smith wrote in a blog on the European American Action Coalition website.

According to a 2003 account in The Times-Tribune, Smith and two other members of the Keystone State Skinheads had bricks, called a black man by a derogatory name and asked the man if he had ever “got beat up by a skinhead.” The man ran, so the group drove by him in a vehicle, yelling racial slurs, and a brick was thrown at the black man, according to the account.

“He wasn’t even touched,” Smith said in 2012, explaining the incident in Scranton was the result of “drunken stupidity.”

In the blog post, Smith wrote he did not personally “verbally threaten nor attempt to physically harm” the black man.

“On my lawyer’s advice and the fact that a trial would have cost me thousands of dollars in legal fees, I pleaded guilty … Personally, I think I was sentenced harshly for my politics more than anything else,” he wrote

After Smith’s election in 2012, then-Committee Chairman Terry Casey issued a statement denouncing Smith’s “abhorrent views” and said the party was researching whether it could oust Smith from the committee.

“He’s an idiot. He’s a white coward,” Smith said of Casey on Thursday.




by KeystoneUnited

IMG_6530 (2)

On Thursday, April 21 Donald Trump brought his presidential campaign tour to the Pennsylvania capitol city of Harrisburg.
Long lines of supporters wound around the buildings of the city’s Farm Show Complex, eager to see and hear what their presidential hopeful had to say. Supporters came from all walks of life and, contrary to what the mainstream media portrays, a cross section of racial backgrounds. A rag-tag assortment of counter protesters showed up, but their numbers were dwarfed by Mr. Trump’s supporters.
Entrance to the building where the rally was to be held was surprisingly quick, considering the number of people seeking to attend. Law enforcement was quite visible and attentive to the various situations that arose (counter-protesters, hecklers,etc..).
As Mr. Trump took the stage, he was met with wild applause and various slogans of support! The atmosphere was electric as he spoke, touching on topics like illegal immigration, loss of jobs in the area, professional politicians, ISIS, strengthening our military, taxing the imported goods of companies that leave the country…and of course, the wall to be built between Mexico and the U.S.A.. Although Mr. Trump had a set time limit, he extended it so the people who were still making their way into the venue would be able to hear most of his speech. Other than a handful of protesters who were quickly removed by the police, the event went off without a hitch and was quite memorable indeed. As people exited the venue, some where met by more protesters but were rapidly separated by a strong police line.
The majority of Keystone United members endorse Mr. Trump’s run for the presidency due to his stand on many key issues. This does NOT mean we agree with all his stances,…. nor does it imply that he would endorse us! We find the candidate whose viewpoints are most compatible with ours,and may aid us in the struggle we all face.



A very special congratulations goes out to Keystone United’s very own Steve Smith for winning his re-election to Republican committeeman Pittston City Ward 1.



by Catalog Feed

Irish Green Celtic Cross Flag Irish Green Celtic Cross 5 foot x 3 foot Flag



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Select faces of the Founding Fathers and former Presidents decorate the currency of the nation they represent, the United States of America. 

The selection process is a fairly basic one: do something memorable; something worth celebrating; something worth remembering.

Andrew Jackson, the son of Irish immigrants, was born into poverty; then, in 1787, at the age of 20, he earned admission to the North Carolina bar, and later moved to Tennessee where he practiced law.

Andrew Jackson went on to serve as a major general in the War of 1812, and commanded U.S. forces in a five-month campaign against the Creek Indians, who were allies of the British.
In January 1815 He led American forces to victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans.

In 1817 he was recognized by all as a national war hero. And as acting commander of the Army’s southern district, he lead a force into Florida, captured Spanish posts at St. Mark’s and Pensacola, claiming the surrounding land for the United States. Driving Spanish control from Florida, it would later become an official state in 1845.

In 1828 Andrew Jackson became the 7th President of the United States.

In considering the context of the issue at hand, the replacement of Jackson’s portrait on the 20$ bill it is interesting – and ironic – to note that Andrew Jackson was opposed to centralized banking. In fact, he was quoted saying that such banking constituted the “prostration of our Government to the advancement of the few at the expense of the many” that he saw as a “privileged institution and an enemy of the common people.”

Andrew Jackson was a war hero, a man who believed strongly in State’s rights, and was opposed to the privileging of an institution over the welfare of the common people. Andrew Jackson was a true American Hero, which is why his portrait is on the United States 20$ note. All of the facts about Andrew Jackson listed above are certainly worth remembering.

This nation was founded by, fought for, and built by European men.  It was structured by European culture.

Former president Andrew Johnson once said that “this is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President it shall be a government for white men.”

This sentiment was commonplace among our Founding Stock.  Furthermore, the United States was never meant to be a multicultural nation of individuals, it was intended to be an extension of Europe.

As soon as Jews arrived in America they began to politically organize, and acted as our competitor right from the start. Jews manipulated the American system for their own benefit.
A nation whose list of war hero’s was extensive, whose battle for independence had already been won, whose laws and government had already been established, America was a nation alive and well until the arrival of an ethnic group with competing interests.

Since the Jewish presence came into American politics, the Jewish elite have worked tirelessly to subvert traditional American values and culture, while simultaneously remaining the most privileged and powerful minority group in the United States. For instance, while Jews only represent roughly 2% of the American population, they also represent 48% of the United States Billionaire class.
The Federal Reserve, the centralized bank which prints the lovely portraits of past Presidents on our currency, also happens to have had three consecutive Jewish chairman: Alan Greenspan; Ben Bernanke; and most recently, Janet Yellen.
Then we have Jack Lew,  the Treasury Secretary who is responsible for Harriet Tubman’s replacement of Andrew Jackson on our 20$ bill; he also happens to be Jewish.

With all of this privilege, what can be said about the heroism of Jews in American history? How many Jewish war Hero’s are there in relation to European? How many Jewish men died, sacrificed, or lived their lives devoted to the people and to the nation that is known as the United States of America? What have they done to earn such power, privilege and seemingly unchallenged political persuasion? How do they measure up to men like Andrew Jackson?

It would seem that Jewish power acts like a  parasitic fungus that manipulates the brain of its host.
The Immigration policy change in 1965 – a policy spearheaded by Jews – transformed the physical expression of America. It is no longer a white nation populated by descendants of war hero’s and frontiersmen. This physical change also brought with it a metaphysical one, where the theory of white privilege and racism controls political discourse. This subversion of the Traditional American way of life gave birth to identity politics, racial equality worship, and anti-white sentiments, which taken together, became the new American Culture. Systematic changes in government policy such as Affirmative Action, reinforced those sentiments and the culture that is fundamentally anti-Amerrican.

There are no portraits of Jews on the United States currency, just symbols relevant only to their manipulated hosts and those who hold them in contempt.
Jews continue to remain out of the headlines and the limelight.

Western Civilization is being murdered, it is being eaten alive by parasites.
European people are currently being systematically replaced in their homelands, our history uniquely criticized as a karmic disaster, our political and social interests seen only as hateful and exclusionary. This did not happen by mistake or by happenstance, but rather, is an act perpetrate by our ethnic competitor.

Andrew Jackson was immortalized on the 20$ bill, his actions to be remembered and celebrated.
His replacement symbolizes the death of our heroic spirit.

The fact that Harriet Tubman can take his place without protest, symbolizes the apathy that has replaced our will to power.


Clans are plotting provocative meetings to mark England's national day.

Kent Police are on high alert ahead of a meeting of anti-immigration movement the Pie and Mash Squad today.

A counter demonstration by Kent Anti Racism Network is also planned, stoking fears of a clash.

The North West Infidels, behind chaotic scenes in Liverpool in February, could be set to join the Pie and Mash Squad, according to a Facebook post.

March for England has blighted Brighton on April 23 in recent years, prompting Sussex Police to step up patrols this year in case of a repeat.

St George's Day is not typically celebrated as enthusiastically as St Patrick's Day is by the Irish – as well as Brits – with some fearing a Far Right attachment to the date has had an effect.

The Royal British Legion branded the Pie and Mash Squad's plans for Dover as "disgusting" and branded them "thugs".

Stop the March for England are planning a celebration to mark the absence of the Far Right, although police remain alert to possible flash points.

The Pie and Mash Squad, meeting in a Dover pub at midday, has issued a threatening warning to journalists hoping to infiltrate them.

The group, which loves "pie and mash and Britain the way it used to be", operates under the slogan "we go where we want".

But it regularly posts xenophobic messages on its Facebook page.

On Friday, it featured a picture of a man purportedly a Welsh left-winger, alongside the threat to throw him "into the sea at Dover".

It also featured a picture of some men outside London's Muslim Centre captioned: "Right-wing resistance."

In a threatening recent post, reporters are told they will "end up wishing they had not bothered" trying to attend the group's pub meeting place today.

The Pie and Mash Squad told the Dover Express it had intended to march through Dover but cancelled that plan in view of a veteran's march being arranged for the same time.

In response to the counter-protest, the Pie and Mash Squad said: "Been told that the 'pie festival' thing in Market Square is a way of getting a mob into town and they are planning to hilariously throw pies at us.

"Epic. Our venue is far enough from them they wont be bothering us. 5w We go where we want."

source the telegraph.

PS: The dragon nowadays is leftist, anti-White, anti-patriotic ideology...

A Polish historian claims he found the location of the long lost Amber Room, a treasure assumed lost after Nazis stole it during World War II.
After scanning one of Poland's most well-preserved Nazi bunkers, located 60 miles from Kaliningrad, Bartlomiej Plebanczyk is "almost certain" he has located the long-lost chamber in a hidden underground room, according to Express.
Plebanczyck is the head curator at Namerki Museum and has been studying the former German bunker with ground penetrating radar, he told local media.
Having now discovered the secret room, the historian is in the process of seeking approval to drill into it and lower a videocamera to inspect its contents.
The Amber Room, which was stripped from the Russian palace in 1941, was lined with wall coverings of pure amber, gold and precious gems. An 18th century gift to the tsar and once-believed eighth wonder of the world, the room's contents disappeared after World War II and was assumed destroyed by bombings.
Experts say the precious remains of the 300-year-old room, if found, can now be worth more than $504.1 million.
Plebanczyk, however, claims it still exists after he was tipped off by locals who claimed to have seen German trucks delivering heavy cases to the bunker at the war's end.
"If it's not the Amber Room, then maybe its some other treasure," said deputy mayor Andrzej Lachowicz, according to the Telegraph.
Plebanczyk will now reportedly wait for approval from authorities to further his search.
This latest statement from a major EU politician shows that the EU rulers have totally lost the plot.

Dimitris Avramopoulos, Greek politician and EU Commissioner, told the EU Committee of the Regions that “Europe is ageing” and “in the next two decades, more than 70 million migrants will be needed.

To put this into perspective, 70 million is 1/8th the current population of Europe, or it’s like emptying the entire country of Turkey into Europe.

Not only does he want them in Europe, he wants them in EVERY country in Europe.

He said he was “very disappointed” that in May 2015, “only eight of 28 [EU members] were ready to implement” the distribution of immigrants that the EU rulers had pushed for.

“Ageing population” is one of those excuses that the elite uses to promote their “diversity” agenda.

For example, there’s Frans Timmermans, the Vice President of the European Commission, who blatantly said “Europe will be diverse!

Then there’s Federica Mogherini, the EU High Representative of Foreign Affairs, who said “It is not diversity that is destroying our society but the fear of diversity” and that “there is no European that is more European than any other.

The one thing you will notice about the “diversity” crowd is that they’re only attempting to get rid of White people and White countries.

Immigration from non-White countries is the highest it’s ever been in any majority White country in history. White people are predicted to be a minority in many countries.




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Austrian police said Friday they were hunting for far-right activists who stormed a Vienna stage during a play performed by refugees and sprayed fake blood on the audience.
The protest by the Identitaere movement took place on Thursday evening shortly after the start of “Die Schutzbefohlenen” (“The Suppliants”), whose actors are asylum-seekers from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Around 30 demonstrators, mainly men, ran on stage waving flags and unfurled a large banner reading: “Hypocrites! Our resistance to your decadence.”
They also threw flyers saying “multiculturalism kills” and fake blood at the 700 spectators inside the lecture theatre at the University of Vienna, police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger told the APA news agency.
A short brawl ensued between audience members and the extremists who were eventually pushed out of the auditorium and fled the scene.
Eight people have filed charges for bodily harm against the protesters, Keiblinger said.
After the upheaval, the play continued to the end under the watchful eye of several police officers, he added.
Austrian Culture Minister Josef Ostermayer said the “shocking” incident was the latest in a string of attacks by the Identitaere group.
“The constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the arts and freedom of speech are as untouchable as the protection of minorities,” he told a press conference
The award-winning play by Austrian Nobel Prize laureate Elfriede Jelinek, first staged in Germany in 2014, is a biting attack on what the author sees as Europe's inhumane treatment of asylum-seekers.

source AFP
As part of a "Whiteness History Month", a "Black Love" program was created specifically for African American students. The Black Panthers showed up in berets. Everything seemed to be going well, until a white woman was kicked out.

During the course of a speech, the speaker said that Donald Trump was racist. A white woman in the audience replied that “African Americans have stood up and talked during Trump rallies.”

She was later asked to leave by someone who wasn’t even present in the room at the time of the incident. She went back in after "settling down.”

A receptionist then called the cops on the white woman for "creating a disruption" before she ever entered the room.

They also did not like the fact a cameraman was in the building as well. Since the event was about "Black Love", the leaders of the program told the cops who responded that they “should be able to kick out whoever they want” regardless of whether or not it is in public or a public event.

The NSDAP was really the world’s first “green party.” 

National Socialists are vehemently opposed to the destruction of our world, our wildlife, and our natural resources in the name of consumerism and greed.  The excessive materialism in America has led us to think that we NEED things that we would be just fine without.  A National Socialist government in America would not only encourage its citizens to recycle, but also to USE LESS in the first place.  Judeo-Capitalism cares about profit at the expense of everything else, which is in direct contrast to the rigid beliefs of National-Socialism as it pertains to peacefully coexisting with the natural world around us.

As National Socialist Germany was able to make numerous advances in fuel and other products, so will an NS America push for better, cleaner, and more efficient technologies so that demand for our precious natural resources will become greatly diminished.  These technologies are currently being discouraged by the capitalist greed of global oil companies (now being subsidized with US taxpayer money to the tune of $4+ billion per year) and other monopolistic international corporations whose outrageous profits would suffer if more efficient and advanced products replaced theirs.  National Socialism works for the good of the common citizen, rather than for the few ultra-wealthy.

National Socialism also would end cruel animal experimentation for consumer products such as makeup.  Nazi Germany was the first country in the world to promulgate laws protecting animals from uncontrolled vivisection and other cruelty.   In 1934 Berlin hosted an international conference on animal protection. The motto draped over the speaker’s podium stated: “Entire epochs of love will be needed to repay animals for their value and service.”  In 1936 the German Society for Animal Psychology was established, and in 1938 “Animal Protection” was introduced as a subject for German public schools and universities.

Fritz Todt, Nazi Germany’s head roadway architect, had this to say about protecting the environment and natural landscape: “The German landscape is something unique that we cannot disturb and have no right to destroy.  The more densely populated our ‘living space’ becomes with settlements, the greater our hunger will grow for unspoilt nature.  The ever increasing spiritual damage caused by life within the big city will make this hunger practically uncontrollable … when we build here on this the landscape of our homeland we must be clear that we will protect its beauty; and in places where this beauty has already disappeared, we will reconstruct it.” That sentiment represents clearly the National Socialist take on how humans should coexist with nature without having to destroy it.

So if you care about the environment and want to ensure that the world is even more beautiful for your children than it is for you, if you want to protect the many thousands of species of animals from extinction, if you want cleaner air and less pollution and waste, then please consider joining the American Nazi Party –

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