A Flemish priest in Kortemark made controversial remarks about the prophet Mohammed and Islam in a religious celebration in front of pupils in the sixth year of primary school. Although the parents say they are shocked, Germain Dochy (77) does not see the problem. "Don't I have the right to tell the truth any more," he asks. 
While pupils from the municipal school "De Kreke", aged between 11 and 12, were repeating for the last time for their confirmation of the Confirmation, the priest spoke his mind about Islam and its prophet Mohammed. "Mohammed was a thief, a murderer and a rapist. He had 45 wives, the youngest of whom was 9. And in reality, Islam isn't a religion," he said. 
The parents, told about it by their children, and the school say they are shocked by these remarks. The teacher who overheard the words shared her indignation with the management of the institution. 
Active for 52 years as a priest, Dochy does not withdraw anything of what he said. "I told the children that Mohammed wasn't a prophet. For Islam maybe, but not for us," he added in the "Krant van West-Vlaanderen". "Mohammed led a life of debauchery and made several wars. ... And then there is Islam, which acts like a religion but in reality is an anti-religion." he went on. 
The Bruges diocese is aware of the affair and has contacted the priest. "Dochy told us that he regretted his remarks and that he apologised if he had offended anyone," said the spokesman.
LONDON (Reuters) - Sadiq Khan of opposition Labour Party is the strong favourite to win London's mayoral election on Thursday after a contest marked by religious tensions and accusations of racism.
Polls show Khan, the son of a bus driver, is as much as 20 percentage points ahead of rival Conservative Zac Goldsmith in the race to run one of the world's top financial centres. If he wins, he will succeed current Conservative mayor Boris Johnson to become the first Muslim to head a major Western capital.
London's population of 8.6 million is among the most diverse in the world and it is rare for identity politics to enter British campaigning.
But Goldsmith, with the support of Prime Minister David Cameron, has for weeks focused on Khan's faith and past appearances alongside radical Muslim speakers, accusing him of giving "platform, oxygen and cover" to extremists.
Former human rights lawyer Khan says he has fought extremism all his life and regrets sharing a stage with speakers who held "abhorrent" views.
He has accused Goldsmith, the elite-educated son of a billionaire financier, of using Donald Trump-style tactics to divide Londoners along faith lines, as well as being part of an out-of-touch wealthy elite.
"There's a chance that there are people who are almost subconsciously put off (voting for Khan) by the dog-whistle racism ... people who wouldn't like to say 'I'm not going to vote for Sadiq Khan', but will have a wobble at the ballot box," said Anthony Wells, director of political and social opinion polling at YouGov.
The impact was unlikely to be enough to allow Goldsmith to pull off a surprise victory, he said.
"The only effect of the Zac Goldsmith campaigning is probably just to entrench all those long-standing issues the Conservative Party have got with appealing to ethnic minority voters," he said.
Last week the campaigning took a new twist as Kahn's party was accused of failing to stamp out anti-Semitism in its ranks amid a row over comments by another lawmaker on her Facebook account saying that Israel should be moved to the United States.
Khan condemned the comment and distanced himself from former London mayor Ken Livingstone, who on Thursday was suspended from the Labour party for supporting the party member at the centre of the controversy.
He said on Sunday the anti-Semitism row, fuelled by comments made by Livingstone linking Hitler with Zionism, could hit his chances in the election.
"I accept that the comments that Ken Livingstone has made makes it more difficult for Londoners of Jewish faith to feel that the Labour Party is a place for them, and so I will carry on doing what I have always been doing, which is to speak for everyone," he told The Observer newspaper.
The left wing of the party -- and notably its current leader Jeremy Corbyn -- have long been sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and it is not the first time Labour has faced accusations that this had led to actual anti-Semitism.
Corbyn is likely to face new questions over his future if the party does poorly in the election.
The two mayoral hopefuls also have opposing stances on whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union. Goldsmith wants to leave, Khan wants to stay.
But even with a June 23 referendum on that issue looming, and the question over London's role as a global financial centre that a vote to leave would pose, the Brexit issue has barely featured in the campaign.
Both candidates have been eager not to alienate voters who disagree with them on Brexit, saying they will fight for the capital's interests whichever way the country votes.
Otherwise, their policies for the city are largely similar - more affordable housing, more transport investment and better local policing.
It is the political influence that comes with the post, the second-largest direct electoral mandate of any politician in Europe, that is perhaps most at stake.
"The soft power of the role is very important," said Tony Travers a professor at the London School of Economics. "The mandate of a city as big as London gives the mayor a voice and authority which goes well beyond that formal mandate."

Source : news.yahoo
Humza Yousaf-white-genocide
Humza Yousaf, the Scottish government Minister for Europe and International Development, has written about White genocide on Twitter.
This was in response to a Tweet he received from someone who criticized the Scottish National Party, a left-wing party which wants Scotland to be separated from the UK, but also wants more non-European immigration.
While Yousaf and those who took his side made fun of being accused of White genocide, at least they are breaking the silence on this “diversity for White areas only” agenda.
In the words of Oscar Wilde, “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
Volkswagen Golf with Jüw Brner novelty plate, Image: Supplied by Ed Covert via Facebook
Last week, we pondered a semi-subtle Nazi-themed decal applied to the rear window of a Volkswagen CC (that obviously blocked the driver’s rearview of history). After we posted that piece, another reader supplied the image above, which shows a Volkswagen GTI sporting a novelty plate that directly links the Führer’s People’s Car with the Nazi execution of nearly 6 million Jews.
Are Volkswagen fanboys the most likely car enthusiast group to show full-on anti-Semitism?

The display of racist imagery isn’t limited to just Volkswagen, or just the Nazis. One only needs to look to (predominately) rural America and Canada (we see it lots here) to find many Confederate flags affixed to pickups and the like. The racism attached to the Confederate flag is usually thinly veiled with explanations of “Dukes of Hazzard” fandom or having a relative who fought for the South in the American Civil War.
Just last year, a group protested Kid Rock’s use of the Confederate flag at concerts and called on General Motors to stop sponsoring his tour. Even pro-golfer Bubba Watson got caught up in the fervour surrounding the Confederate flag when he promised to paint over the imagery on his authentic General Lee Charger.
Debate continues over the Confederate flag’s appearance on state-issued license plates. Maryland phased out license plates featuring the Confederate flag after a federal ruling on the matter, which followed Texas and Virginia. Georgia, however, continues to sell Confederate-themed license plates — the proceeds of which partially fund the Sons of Confederate Veterans — after sales of that plate were temporarily suspended.
Yet, no such thin veil is used for this Volkswagen novelty plate. And though Daimler made some impressive machines for Hitler during Nazi rule in Germany, we’ve yet to see a C-Class festooned with swastikas.

story source



by Axl Hess

For those that subscribe to The White Worker you would know that the American Nazi Party online radio show would be returning this Spring, and it is!  Our upcoming show will take place on Monday, May 16 at the usual time of 5pm PST/8pm EST.  Please join us in the call or in the live chat room while we discuss our outreach efforts and projects that we’ve been working on and will be pursuing in the immediate future.  As usual, we’ll also be welcoming any questions about our Political agenda or National-Socialism in general.

Here’s the link: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/111405

Until May 16th, please listen to some of the past shows and realize that on that link are many “blank” shows where TalkShoe’s poor software automatically created episodes that were never scheduled.



Steven Smith — A Luzerne County Republican committeeman who describes himself as a “white rights advocate” won another term in Tuesday’s primary election and also said he voted for Donald Trump for president. Smith, a Pittston resident who insists he’s not a racist or white supremacist, said Trump “put immigration into the forefront of his candidacy” when explaining his vote for Trump.


A Luzerne County Republican committeeman who describes himself as a “white rights advocate” won another term in Tuesday’s primary election and also said he voted for Donald Trump for president.

Steven Smith, a Pittston resident who insists he’s not a racist or white supremacist, said Trump “put immigration into the forefront of his candidacy” when explaining his vote for Trump.

Smith was the only candidate on the ballot for two Republican committeeman positions in Pittston’s first ward. Smith got 70 votes, and there were four write-in votes, according to unofficial election results on the county website.

The Luzerne County Republican Committee engages in political activities and is not a public or government agency. Committee Chairman Bill Urbanski said the party can’t stop Smith from being a committeeman.

“There’s no mechanism for that,” Urbanski said. “That’s how it goes.”

The party elects two committee members from each of Luzerne County’s 180 voting precincts. Only 67 candidates were on Tuesday’s ballot for those positions.

Smith was elected as a committeeman four years ago with one write-in vote. Smith said he was appointed as secretary for the committee’s third district and is responsible for meeting minutes.

The term for an elected Republican committee member is four years.

Urbanski said Smith has no influence in the party.

“I don’t agree with 95 percent of what the guy stands for,” Urbanski said. “He should be registered with the American Nazi Party.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization, noted Smith’s election as Republican committeeman in a news release.

“With Trump winning by such a large margin in Luzerne County, unfortunately it is not surprising that Steve Smith, somebody with a long history of violence and activity with well-known racist and neo-Nazi groups, won the local Republican committee seat,” SPLC’s Intelligence Project Director Heidi Beirich said in a statement.

Trump won Pennsylvania’s Republican primary with 57 percent of the vote statewide. He won 77 percent of the vote in Luzerne County, Trump’s best showing in any county in the state.

Smith, 45, is a truck driver, according to election records. He is founder of the European American Action Coalition. The organization “fights for the interests of Whites,” its website says.

“We believe in grassroots activity that includes getting involved in the local political process,” the website says. “We currently have one openly pro-White elected Republican Party Committeeman in our ranks and it is our goal to have many more elected officials in the future.”

Smith said he attended Trump’s campaign rally Monday night in Wilkes-Barre Township. About 10,000 people were inside the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza for the event.

“It was quite the spectacle,” Smith said. “It was like going to a rock concert. That place was packed.”

In Smith’s precinct in Pittston, 149 Republicans voted Tuesday, and 120 voted for Trump, records show.

“There are flaws with Trump,” Smith said. “But the fact that he’s a self-made millionaire not controlled by establishment, it makes him resonate with people.”

In 2003, Smith pleaded guilty to ethnic intimidation and simple assault, both misdemeanors, and received a prison sentence of one to 12 months, court records show. During an interview in 2012, Smith said he spent two months in prison.

“The Cultural Marxists like to bring up my arrest on March 23, 2003, as an attempt to try to discredit me,” Smith wrote in a blog on the European American Action Coalition website.

According to a 2003 account in The Times-Tribune, Smith and two other members of the Keystone State Skinheads had bricks, called a black man by a derogatory name and asked the man if he had ever “got beat up by a skinhead.” The man ran, so the group drove by him in a vehicle, yelling racial slurs, and a brick was thrown at the black man, according to the account.

“He wasn’t even touched,” Smith said in 2012, explaining the incident in Scranton was the result of “drunken stupidity.”

In the blog post, Smith wrote he did not personally “verbally threaten nor attempt to physically harm” the black man.

“On my lawyer’s advice and the fact that a trial would have cost me thousands of dollars in legal fees, I pleaded guilty … Personally, I think I was sentenced harshly for my politics more than anything else,” he wrote

After Smith’s election in 2012, then-Committee Chairman Terry Casey issued a statement denouncing Smith’s “abhorrent views” and said the party was researching whether it could oust Smith from the committee.

“He’s an idiot. He’s a white coward,” Smith said of Casey on Thursday.




by KeystoneUnited

IMG_6530 (2)

On Thursday, April 21 Donald Trump brought his presidential campaign tour to the Pennsylvania capitol city of Harrisburg.
Long lines of supporters wound around the buildings of the city’s Farm Show Complex, eager to see and hear what their presidential hopeful had to say. Supporters came from all walks of life and, contrary to what the mainstream media portrays, a cross section of racial backgrounds. A rag-tag assortment of counter protesters showed up, but their numbers were dwarfed by Mr. Trump’s supporters.
Entrance to the building where the rally was to be held was surprisingly quick, considering the number of people seeking to attend. Law enforcement was quite visible and attentive to the various situations that arose (counter-protesters, hecklers,etc..).
As Mr. Trump took the stage, he was met with wild applause and various slogans of support! The atmosphere was electric as he spoke, touching on topics like illegal immigration, loss of jobs in the area, professional politicians, ISIS, strengthening our military, taxing the imported goods of companies that leave the country…and of course, the wall to be built between Mexico and the U.S.A.. Although Mr. Trump had a set time limit, he extended it so the people who were still making their way into the venue would be able to hear most of his speech. Other than a handful of protesters who were quickly removed by the police, the event went off without a hitch and was quite memorable indeed. As people exited the venue, some where met by more protesters but were rapidly separated by a strong police line.
The majority of Keystone United members endorse Mr. Trump’s run for the presidency due to his stand on many key issues. This does NOT mean we agree with all his stances,…. nor does it imply that he would endorse us! We find the candidate whose viewpoints are most compatible with ours,and may aid us in the struggle we all face.



A very special congratulations goes out to Keystone United’s very own Steve Smith for winning his re-election to Republican committeeman Pittston City Ward 1.



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Irish Green Celtic Cross Flag Irish Green Celtic Cross 5 foot x 3 foot Flag



by KeystoneUnited


Select faces of the Founding Fathers and former Presidents decorate the currency of the nation they represent, the United States of America. 

The selection process is a fairly basic one: do something memorable; something worth celebrating; something worth remembering.

Andrew Jackson, the son of Irish immigrants, was born into poverty; then, in 1787, at the age of 20, he earned admission to the North Carolina bar, and later moved to Tennessee where he practiced law.

Andrew Jackson went on to serve as a major general in the War of 1812, and commanded U.S. forces in a five-month campaign against the Creek Indians, who were allies of the British.
In January 1815 He led American forces to victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans.

In 1817 he was recognized by all as a national war hero. And as acting commander of the Army’s southern district, he lead a force into Florida, captured Spanish posts at St. Mark’s and Pensacola, claiming the surrounding land for the United States. Driving Spanish control from Florida, it would later become an official state in 1845.

In 1828 Andrew Jackson became the 7th President of the United States.

In considering the context of the issue at hand, the replacement of Jackson’s portrait on the 20$ bill it is interesting – and ironic – to note that Andrew Jackson was opposed to centralized banking. In fact, he was quoted saying that such banking constituted the “prostration of our Government to the advancement of the few at the expense of the many” that he saw as a “privileged institution and an enemy of the common people.”

Andrew Jackson was a war hero, a man who believed strongly in State’s rights, and was opposed to the privileging of an institution over the welfare of the common people. Andrew Jackson was a true American Hero, which is why his portrait is on the United States 20$ note. All of the facts about Andrew Jackson listed above are certainly worth remembering.

This nation was founded by, fought for, and built by European men.  It was structured by European culture.

Former president Andrew Johnson once said that “this is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President it shall be a government for white men.”

This sentiment was commonplace among our Founding Stock.  Furthermore, the United States was never meant to be a multicultural nation of individuals, it was intended to be an extension of Europe.

As soon as Jews arrived in America they began to politically organize, and acted as our competitor right from the start. Jews manipulated the American system for their own benefit.
A nation whose list of war hero’s was extensive, whose battle for independence had already been won, whose laws and government had already been established, America was a nation alive and well until the arrival of an ethnic group with competing interests.

Since the Jewish presence came into American politics, the Jewish elite have worked tirelessly to subvert traditional American values and culture, while simultaneously remaining the most privileged and powerful minority group in the United States. For instance, while Jews only represent roughly 2% of the American population, they also represent 48% of the United States Billionaire class.
The Federal Reserve, the centralized bank which prints the lovely portraits of past Presidents on our currency, also happens to have had three consecutive Jewish chairman: Alan Greenspan; Ben Bernanke; and most recently, Janet Yellen.
Then we have Jack Lew,  the Treasury Secretary who is responsible for Harriet Tubman’s replacement of Andrew Jackson on our 20$ bill; he also happens to be Jewish.

With all of this privilege, what can be said about the heroism of Jews in American history? How many Jewish war Hero’s are there in relation to European? How many Jewish men died, sacrificed, or lived their lives devoted to the people and to the nation that is known as the United States of America? What have they done to earn such power, privilege and seemingly unchallenged political persuasion? How do they measure up to men like Andrew Jackson?

It would seem that Jewish power acts like a  parasitic fungus that manipulates the brain of its host.
The Immigration policy change in 1965 – a policy spearheaded by Jews – transformed the physical expression of America. It is no longer a white nation populated by descendants of war hero’s and frontiersmen. This physical change also brought with it a metaphysical one, where the theory of white privilege and racism controls political discourse. This subversion of the Traditional American way of life gave birth to identity politics, racial equality worship, and anti-white sentiments, which taken together, became the new American Culture. Systematic changes in government policy such as Affirmative Action, reinforced those sentiments and the culture that is fundamentally anti-Amerrican.

There are no portraits of Jews on the United States currency, just symbols relevant only to their manipulated hosts and those who hold them in contempt.
Jews continue to remain out of the headlines and the limelight.

Western Civilization is being murdered, it is being eaten alive by parasites.
European people are currently being systematically replaced in their homelands, our history uniquely criticized as a karmic disaster, our political and social interests seen only as hateful and exclusionary. This did not happen by mistake or by happenstance, but rather, is an act perpetrate by our ethnic competitor.

Andrew Jackson was immortalized on the 20$ bill, his actions to be remembered and celebrated.
His replacement symbolizes the death of our heroic spirit.

The fact that Harriet Tubman can take his place without protest, symbolizes the apathy that has replaced our will to power.


Clans are plotting provocative meetings to mark England's national day.

Kent Police are on high alert ahead of a meeting of anti-immigration movement the Pie and Mash Squad today.

A counter demonstration by Kent Anti Racism Network is also planned, stoking fears of a clash.

The North West Infidels, behind chaotic scenes in Liverpool in February, could be set to join the Pie and Mash Squad, according to a Facebook post.

March for England has blighted Brighton on April 23 in recent years, prompting Sussex Police to step up patrols this year in case of a repeat.

St George's Day is not typically celebrated as enthusiastically as St Patrick's Day is by the Irish – as well as Brits – with some fearing a Far Right attachment to the date has had an effect.

The Royal British Legion branded the Pie and Mash Squad's plans for Dover as "disgusting" and branded them "thugs".

Stop the March for England are planning a celebration to mark the absence of the Far Right, although police remain alert to possible flash points.

The Pie and Mash Squad, meeting in a Dover pub at midday, has issued a threatening warning to journalists hoping to infiltrate them.

The group, which loves "pie and mash and Britain the way it used to be", operates under the slogan "we go where we want".

But it regularly posts xenophobic messages on its Facebook page.

On Friday, it featured a picture of a man purportedly a Welsh left-winger, alongside the threat to throw him "into the sea at Dover".

It also featured a picture of some men outside London's Muslim Centre captioned: "Right-wing resistance."

In a threatening recent post, reporters are told they will "end up wishing they had not bothered" trying to attend the group's pub meeting place today.

The Pie and Mash Squad told the Dover Express it had intended to march through Dover but cancelled that plan in view of a veteran's march being arranged for the same time.

In response to the counter-protest, the Pie and Mash Squad said: "Been told that the 'pie festival' thing in Market Square is a way of getting a mob into town and they are planning to hilariously throw pies at us.

"Epic. Our venue is far enough from them they wont be bothering us. 5w We go where we want."

source the telegraph.

PS: The dragon nowadays is leftist, anti-White, anti-patriotic ideology...

A Polish historian claims he found the location of the long lost Amber Room, a treasure assumed lost after Nazis stole it during World War II.
After scanning one of Poland's most well-preserved Nazi bunkers, located 60 miles from Kaliningrad, Bartlomiej Plebanczyk is "almost certain" he has located the long-lost chamber in a hidden underground room, according to Express.
Plebanczyck is the head curator at Namerki Museum and has been studying the former German bunker with ground penetrating radar, he told local media.
Having now discovered the secret room, the historian is in the process of seeking approval to drill into it and lower a videocamera to inspect its contents.
The Amber Room, which was stripped from the Russian palace in 1941, was lined with wall coverings of pure amber, gold and precious gems. An 18th century gift to the tsar and once-believed eighth wonder of the world, the room's contents disappeared after World War II and was assumed destroyed by bombings.
Experts say the precious remains of the 300-year-old room, if found, can now be worth more than $504.1 million.
Plebanczyk, however, claims it still exists after he was tipped off by locals who claimed to have seen German trucks delivering heavy cases to the bunker at the war's end.
"If it's not the Amber Room, then maybe its some other treasure," said deputy mayor Andrzej Lachowicz, according to the Telegraph.
Plebanczyk will now reportedly wait for approval from authorities to further his search.
This latest statement from a major EU politician shows that the EU rulers have totally lost the plot.

Dimitris Avramopoulos, Greek politician and EU Commissioner, told the EU Committee of the Regions that “Europe is ageing” and “in the next two decades, more than 70 million migrants will be needed.

To put this into perspective, 70 million is 1/8th the current population of Europe, or it’s like emptying the entire country of Turkey into Europe.

Not only does he want them in Europe, he wants them in EVERY country in Europe.

He said he was “very disappointed” that in May 2015, “only eight of 28 [EU members] were ready to implement” the distribution of immigrants that the EU rulers had pushed for.

“Ageing population” is one of those excuses that the elite uses to promote their “diversity” agenda.

For example, there’s Frans Timmermans, the Vice President of the European Commission, who blatantly said “Europe will be diverse!

Then there’s Federica Mogherini, the EU High Representative of Foreign Affairs, who said “It is not diversity that is destroying our society but the fear of diversity” and that “there is no European that is more European than any other.

The one thing you will notice about the “diversity” crowd is that they’re only attempting to get rid of White people and White countries.

Immigration from non-White countries is the highest it’s ever been in any majority White country in history. White people are predicted to be a minority in many countries.




by OldiesButGoldiesRAC

PUNK’S NOT RED! factory printed on cardinal colored t-shirts.

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Just wanted to vent. Interesting how paypal/ebay will take your money instantaneously but feels entitled to put a hold on your funds for 21 days. Be aware the expectations paypal/ebay has for its client do not apply to them in … Continue reading

Trump For President - I'd Rather Be Correct Than Politically Correct T-Shirt

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Austrian police said Friday they were hunting for far-right activists who stormed a Vienna stage during a play performed by refugees and sprayed fake blood on the audience.
The protest by the Identitaere movement took place on Thursday evening shortly after the start of “Die Schutzbefohlenen” (“The Suppliants”), whose actors are asylum-seekers from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Around 30 demonstrators, mainly men, ran on stage waving flags and unfurled a large banner reading: “Hypocrites! Our resistance to your decadence.”
They also threw flyers saying “multiculturalism kills” and fake blood at the 700 spectators inside the lecture theatre at the University of Vienna, police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger told the APA news agency.
A short brawl ensued between audience members and the extremists who were eventually pushed out of the auditorium and fled the scene.
Eight people have filed charges for bodily harm against the protesters, Keiblinger said.
After the upheaval, the play continued to the end under the watchful eye of several police officers, he added.
Austrian Culture Minister Josef Ostermayer said the “shocking” incident was the latest in a string of attacks by the Identitaere group.
“The constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the arts and freedom of speech are as untouchable as the protection of minorities,” he told a press conference
The award-winning play by Austrian Nobel Prize laureate Elfriede Jelinek, first staged in Germany in 2014, is a biting attack on what the author sees as Europe's inhumane treatment of asylum-seekers.

source AFP
As part of a "Whiteness History Month", a "Black Love" program was created specifically for African American students. The Black Panthers showed up in berets. Everything seemed to be going well, until a white woman was kicked out.

During the course of a speech, the speaker said that Donald Trump was racist. A white woman in the audience replied that “African Americans have stood up and talked during Trump rallies.”

She was later asked to leave by someone who wasn’t even present in the room at the time of the incident. She went back in after "settling down.”

A receptionist then called the cops on the white woman for "creating a disruption" before she ever entered the room.

They also did not like the fact a cameraman was in the building as well. Since the event was about "Black Love", the leaders of the program told the cops who responded that they “should be able to kick out whoever they want” regardless of whether or not it is in public or a public event.

The NSDAP was really the world’s first “green party.” 

National Socialists are vehemently opposed to the destruction of our world, our wildlife, and our natural resources in the name of consumerism and greed.  The excessive materialism in America has led us to think that we NEED things that we would be just fine without.  A National Socialist government in America would not only encourage its citizens to recycle, but also to USE LESS in the first place.  Judeo-Capitalism cares about profit at the expense of everything else, which is in direct contrast to the rigid beliefs of National-Socialism as it pertains to peacefully coexisting with the natural world around us.

As National Socialist Germany was able to make numerous advances in fuel and other products, so will an NS America push for better, cleaner, and more efficient technologies so that demand for our precious natural resources will become greatly diminished.  These technologies are currently being discouraged by the capitalist greed of global oil companies (now being subsidized with US taxpayer money to the tune of $4+ billion per year) and other monopolistic international corporations whose outrageous profits would suffer if more efficient and advanced products replaced theirs.  National Socialism works for the good of the common citizen, rather than for the few ultra-wealthy.

National Socialism also would end cruel animal experimentation for consumer products such as makeup.  Nazi Germany was the first country in the world to promulgate laws protecting animals from uncontrolled vivisection and other cruelty.   In 1934 Berlin hosted an international conference on animal protection. The motto draped over the speaker’s podium stated: “Entire epochs of love will be needed to repay animals for their value and service.”  In 1936 the German Society for Animal Psychology was established, and in 1938 “Animal Protection” was introduced as a subject for German public schools and universities.

Fritz Todt, Nazi Germany’s head roadway architect, had this to say about protecting the environment and natural landscape: “The German landscape is something unique that we cannot disturb and have no right to destroy.  The more densely populated our ‘living space’ becomes with settlements, the greater our hunger will grow for unspoilt nature.  The ever increasing spiritual damage caused by life within the big city will make this hunger practically uncontrollable … when we build here on this the landscape of our homeland we must be clear that we will protect its beauty; and in places where this beauty has already disappeared, we will reconstruct it.” That sentiment represents clearly the National Socialist take on how humans should coexist with nature without having to destroy it.

So if you care about the environment and want to ensure that the world is even more beautiful for your children than it is for you, if you want to protect the many thousands of species of animals from extinction, if you want cleaner air and less pollution and waste, then please consider joining the American Nazi Party – www.ANP14.com

Unauthorized payments were made using my paypal account. Paypal refused to acknowledged their site had been compromised. Naturally I deleted my paypal account and told my wide circle of family, friends and colleagues to do the same. I will never … Continue reading



by PayPal Complaints

In December 2015 I sold a designer skirt on eBay. It was brand new with tags. I had purchase it on impulse from the designer’s boutique during a sale and then decided to sell it. In April 2016, after the … Continue reading
A Romanian minister and the World Bank have criticized racist graffiti that appeared on a tent erected to mark International Roma Day in Bucharest.
Justice Minister Raluca Pruna said Saturday "such acts of racism aren't being tackled. A message that says 'death to Gypsies' should oblige the state to punish" the perpetrators.
A large white tent was put up in Bucharest on Friday, which was International Roma Day. Racist and obscene slogans appeared on it overnight.
The World Bank on Saturday called it "an act of discrimination incompatible with Europe's core values on human rights."
Officially, Romania has more than 600,000 Roma, also known as Gypsies, but there are believed to be more than 1 million. Roma are among the poorest people in Romania and face widespread discrimination.

source abcnews.com
Arthur Kemp, author of the essential White history book, “March of the
Titans,” has come out in support of the emigration solution in two articles
in the March/ April issue of the Barnes Review. Here are some excerpts
from his analysis:

“… it remains only an outside chance that any nationalist party will attain
power within the relatively brief time that Whites can be expected to retain
their majorities in their respective nations.”

“Finally, the bitter reality must be faced: and that is that large numbers of
Western Europeans appear to ardently believe that there are no racial
differences, and that there is no link between race and civilization…”

“… it is clear from the broader public’s voting choices in Europe that there is
no appetite for revolution. Non-democratic change is therefore even more
unlikely than democratic change.”

If politics and revolution are off the table, what’s left?

“Geographic consolidation means that like-minded Europeans must be able
and willing to accept that the nation states of Western Europe are… a thing
of the past.”

“Geographic consolidation means that racially conscious Europeans are
going to have to start physically moving to the only parts of Europe still
immune to the liberal race-blind poison - the states of Eastern Europe.”

“The most difficult step in creating a European ethnostate, then, is
mustering the willpower.”

And he admits, somewhat bitterly :

“… the reality is that there are many, many Whites - “ignorant, apathetic,
small-minded” - we will never save.”

“… the vast majority of Europeans are going to pass away…”

“… the ethnostate option is the only way forward if the European people are
to avoid complete extinction in the coming dark age.”

Don’t say you weren’t warned.
by Arthur Kemp April

The guideline I used is that the event (“moment”) must have been significant enough to have affected the present-day world, and not merely be of historical importance.

So for example, really great events, such as the Battle of Thermopylae, where the Spartans held off the Persians, while being incredible in themselves, did not directly affect the creation of the modern world, and therefore, they didn’t make it onto this list.

Having said that, here is my list of the ten greatest moments in white history, sorted by date, from earliest to most recent.

Anybody who can think of any others, feel free to add them in the comments.

1. The Battle of Nedao, 454 AD. The Germans—and other Europeans—who had survived nearly 70 years of Hun rule, finally defeated the Huns and drove them back into the East. The Germans, as victors over the Huns, became famous among their racial cousins, with the Icelandic word for German “Thodthverdthur” still translating literally as “peoples’ defender.”

2. The Battle of Lechfeld 955 A.D. An Asiatic army organized by the Magyars is halted in its attempt to invade Europe by a German army under Saxon King Otto I.

3. The Battle of Kulikovo, 8 September 1380. White Russians under Prince Dmitri of Moscow defeat the Asiatic armies of the Golden Horde under the command of Mamai. This battle effectively broke the Mongol invasion and occupation of southern Russia, and prepared the way for the European reconquest of all those lands.

4. 1436. The German Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press, making the first breakthrough in mass communications upon which almost all inventions since then have relied upon.

5. The Fall of Granada, January 2, 1492: The last Moorish stronghold in Spain surrenders to the victorious Spanish army, led personally by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. It was the first time in 770 years that all of Spain was once again under European control.

6. Christopher Columbus sights land in the Americas, October 12, 1492. Although looking for India, Columbus discovered the Americas, sparking off the settlement of North America which became the USA.

7. The Siege of Vienna, September 1683. The Turkish Ottoman invasion is defeated and prevented from overrunning all of Europe. The Turks are then pushed back south down the Balkans in an extended war involving almost all European nations, only ending in the early 19th Century when they are finally expelled from their last strongholds.

8. The Battle of Navarino, October 20, 1827, was a great European naval victory which gave birth to present-day Greece. This victory spurred on further victories for the European forces on land which culminated in the independence of Greece under European protection in 1830.

9. 1948. American physicists Walter Houser Brattain, John Bardeen, and William Bradford Shockley invent the transistor, a device which laid the basis for the electronic device revolution—including computers—of the 20th and 21st centuries.

10. The Apollo 11 Moon Landing in 1969. No technological feat has ever been greater, or more daring.
After years trying to buy the property from its private owner, the Austrian government wants to seize the house where Adolf Hitler was born to prevent it falling into neo-Nazi hands.
"Given the unique nature of the building, its historic significance and the public interest, we've decided to begin discussions seeking to lay the legal groundwork for the seizure," interior ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundboeck said.
The decision was made after years of discussions and fruitless attempts to buy the property, he said, adding that the owner would be compensated for losing ownership.
Hitler was born in the house in Brunau am Inn on April 20, 1889. It was made the subject of an historic preservation order by Germany's National Socialist regime in 1938 after being purchased by the Nazi government.
After being returned to the Pommer family in 1952, the house passed into Gerlinde Pommer's hands in 1977.
The Austrian state has rented the property since 1972 and used it as a daycare center for people with disabilities but it has stood empty since 2011 after Pommer refused to allow work to be undertaken to improve accessibility.

source reuters.com
Broken Memories - Broken Memories Compact Disc
Broken Memories – Broken Memories Compact Disc
Timebomb Streetcore Rock'n'Roll - The Freedom
Timebomb Streetcore Rock’n’Roll – The Freedom
Timebomb - Streetcore RnR - The Way Compact Disc
Timebomb – Streetcore RnR – The Way Compact Disc
Broken Memories - Broken Memories Compact Disc (Vinland Warriors) 01. Fight Their Lies! 02. Hatecrime 03. Gargoyles 04. Freedom Salvation 05. Untrue Brothers 06. Stay True - Hold Fast 07. Aryan Child 08. Hate Edge 09. Respekt Und Ehre 10. Headhunter 11. Hateball 12. Wie Die Wikinger (Bonus)
Timebomb Streetcore Rock'n'Roll - The Freedom Compact Disc 1. Intro (00:58) 2. Blood & Soil (01:46) 3. The Way (03:10) 4. Hear My Cry (By Centurion) (02:53) 5. Change the Time (02:29) 6. Heroes (03:22) 7. Still A (03:17) 8. The New Age (02:18) 9. Survival (03:38) 10. Nordic Faith (02:44) 11. Take the Sword (03:32) 12. Resist to Exist (02:39)
Timebomb - Streetcore RnR - "The Way" Compact Disc 1. Intro (00:58) 2. Blood & Soil (01:46) 3. The Way (03:10) 4. Hear My Cry (By Centurion) (02:53) 5. Change the Time (02:29) 6. Heroes (03:22) 7. Still A (03:17) 8. The New Age (02:18) 9. Survival (03:38) 10. Nordic Faith (02:44) 11. Take the Sword (03:32) 12. Resist to Exist (02:39)
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Siegesfahne: Vorwärts, Kameraden!
Siegesfahne: Vorwärts, Kameraden!

Continuing from the last post…

4. Are there any cons [of being a Nazi]?

Yes, there certainly are.  For one thing, National-Socialists are often ignorantly hated by people who have been programmed to associate the word “Nazi” with negativity.  People typically believe what their television tells them and not dare to investigate any further.  Many people have lost their jobs over their beliefs in this supposed “land of the free” with a meaningless Bill of RIghts.

5. Can everyone be a Nazi?

This is actually a very good question.  National-Socialism was primarily intended for Aryan nations (not just Germany), but many non-Whites and even 150,000 jews volunteered their services fighting for Germany in World War II.  Many of the values and ideals of National-Socialism are appealing to people of all kinds of backgrounds, cultures, and heritage.  There are Arabic-Muslim Nazis, Japanese Nazis, and others that have adopted the worldview of National-Socialism to their particular ethnicity.  Needless to say, I am an Aryan and concerned with the future of MY people.

6. Are there many people prison because they are Nazi?

Yes there are but much more so in Europe than in the United States.  In the U.S., there are very few REAL National-Socialists that have been imprisoned for their beliefs.  Be careful not to associate the common bald prison thug with legitimate National-Socialism; a Swastika tattoo typically means the individual is not a National-Socialist!

7. What is the reason you wanted to be a Nazi?

I decided to believe in history and my eyes.  I searched for the truth; I researched and read all that I could to find the facts on Adolf Hitler and National-Socialism.  It is my hope that everyone would do the same.